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[Notice of Bid] Pohang EGS Geothermal well drilling, Korea
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NEXGEO. Inc. Notice No.20141001

 Notice of Bid for Engineering work

1. Outline of Bid

 □ Project : Pohang EGS Geothermal well drilling, Korea

 □ Qualification for Application
   - Korean domestic or Oversea enterprise and institution which has experience more than 3 years of depp drilling work such as well design, drilling(directional, >5km), related tests and wireline logging in geothermal/oil/gas industry in accordance with IADC and API standards.
   - The enterprise and institution which has experience relating to creation of artificial reservoir through the stimulation (hydrofracturing) and technology to secure the production flow rate.
   - A sole-source or a consortium which consists of more than two enterprises or institutions is eligible for the application.

 □ Project period
   - 24month from conclusion of a contract(It would be proceeded according to discussion with NEXGEO)
   - PX-2 well(around 4,500m) should be finished until the early of Jun, 2015(Final depth would depend on target temperature)
   - Estimated spudding date(PX-2) : Jan. 2015

 □ Work Scope
   - PX-1, 2, 3 Drilling (including design, stimulation(hydrofracturing), related in-situ tests, wireline logging, ect,.)
 □ Provisional Budget
   - USD 28,000,000- (Maximum Total Budget)
   - Provisional Budget is the total cost including all expenses such as design, drilling work, equipment and spare parts, stimulation.
   - Nexgeo would provide drill rig system(mud system, power supply) and accommodations/meals for crew

2. Schedule for bidding

 □ A notice of tender(1st. Oct) → Receipt for the letter of intend to bid and questions (15th. Oct) → Receipt of the proposals(31th Oct.) → Selection of company(15th. Nov.) → Progress of Contract

3. Method of application

 □ Appilication documents

   ㅇ The form of ITB and proposal is not restricted, bidders can use your own free form for the ITB and proposal, but the documents to show bidder’s experience of deep drilling(more than 4,000m) and stimulation(hydrofracturing) should be included in the proposal.
   ㅇ Proposal would be submitted as a technical and budget proposal
     - Required document : Certificate for Business Registration 1 set, Financial statements for the three most recent years, Credit evaluation report(company)

 □ Acceptance of application

   ㅇ Deadline : the letter of intend to bid – 15th. Oct. 2014. 18:00hr
                Proposal – 31th. Oct. 2014. 18:00hr
                (Deadline is based on Korean Standard Time(UTC+09:00)

   ㅇ Bidders can submit the ITB and Proposal by e-mail
      - E-mail : trusthan@nexgeo.com
              (C.C : hygeojs@nexgeo.com, hhk0509@nexgeo.com )    
   ※ Notes
     - It’s non-returnable after submitted all the documents
     - All the documents should be scanned as color document
       (Prefer the PDF format)

4. Selection method
   ㅇ The enterprise and institution which satisfy the needs of Nexgeo as batch ordering method
   ㅇ  It would be selected by high marks of total point as technical part(60%)+budget part(40%)
   ㅇ  Selected enterprise or institution should submit the original proposal with signature(stamp) and documents

5. The others

 □ Reference

  ㅇ Any inquiries about this bid, please contact to Mr. Han as e-mail below.
     -  Mr. younghun Han (+82-70-7094-4622, trusthan@nexgeo.com)
     or Mr. hoonki Hong (+82-70-7094-4613, hhk0509@nexgeo.com)

2014. 10. 01
Nexgeo Inc.
Yoon, WoonSang